Chess Tournament for Kids in Utah

By Jonathan Whitcomb, author of Beat That Kid in Chess

The Utah state elementary school chess championship tournament was held on Saturday, March 14, 2016, at the University of Utah. I was delighted to photograph the event and see the hundreds of children who participated and the countless family members who supported them in this USCF-rated event.

Utah state elementary school chess championship

Parents and kids check out the pairings for the first round of the tournament

Sixth Grade Section of the Tournament (about 60 players)

Details on the final scores of the sixth-grade division of the competition are not yet available from the United States Chess Federation, but here are the pairings for the sixth-round final games (scores through the first five rounds and pre-event ratings included):

Anna Lee (5.0; 991) versus Gatlin Black (5.0; 1509)

Bhattacharyya (4.0; 398) versus Kyle Tracy (4.0; 855)

Benjamin Ludlow (4.0; 722) versus Robb Schonlau (4.0; unrated)

Phillip Liu (4.0; 639) vs Paul Carter (4.0; unr)

Sarah Day (4.0; 596) vs Jason Elzinga (4.0; unr)

Cj Padilla (4.0; 360) vs Henry Chen (3.0; 845)

Ilaisa Toa (3.0; unr) vs Angie Li (3.0; 797)

C Christensen (3.0; unr) vs Leya Joseph (3.0; 790)

Callum Dingley (3.0; 475) vs Benjamin Huber (3.0; unr)

Joseph Stay (3.0; 355) vs Jackson Sheen (3.0; unr)

Colton Hunter (3.0; 170) vs Cody Roberts (2.5; unr)

Kimball Snapp (3.0; unr) vs Mark Pilzer (3.0; unr)

Camero Voorhees (3.0; unr) vs Rachel Arlen (3.0; unr)

Ben Bramwell (3.0; unr) vs Angela Zhou (3.0; unr)

Finn Pead (3.0; unr) vs Lou McCracken (3.0; unr)

Josh McMurray (2.5; unr) vs Logan Tanner (2.5; unr)

Jared Jameson (1.5; unr) vs Allison Cao (2.0; 555)

Natha [Nathan?] Hartley (2.0; unr) vs Thoma [Thomas?] Matthew (2.0; unr)

Tedd Ekstrand (2.0; unr) vs Austin Snarr (2.0; unr)

Mi Drollinger (2.0; unr) vs Logan Luker (2.0; unr)

Doruk Toydemir (2.0; unr) vs Eli McDonough (2.0; unr)

Ashi Peterson (2.0; unr) vs Dalli Bingham (2.0; unr)

Kaylana Price (2.0; unr) vs Saxon Mendoza (2.0; unr)

Thush Reppale (2.0; unr) vs Elaine Nielson (2.0; unr)

Grant Hardy (1.5; unr) vs Georg [George?] Wintriss (1.5; 420)

Evan Ikeda (1.5; unr) vs London Pettit (1.0; unr)

Jack Taylor (1.0; unr) vs Emily Carroll (1.0; unr)

Leif Swenson (1.0; unr) vs Abigail Strong (1.0; unr)

Alex Carroll (1.0; unrated) versus Makenna Worley (1.0; unrated)

Eddie Slobodow (1.0; unr) vs Spence Crawford (0.0; unr)

The above pairings are for the final (sixth) round of the tournament, for sixth graders, with White on the left and Black on the right.

The following photos are from the sixth-grade division:

One of the last games completed (6th graders)


one of the last children's chess games



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